Dr. Martina Gamp

Managing Partner

In my work I come across a vast variety of different personal histories. My challenge and my motivation are to transform them into genuine success stories through identifying personal strengths and development opportunities.

The combination of conceptual and analytical tasks together with the personal contact with our clients makes my work exciting and challenging at the same time. My work philosophy: work should be demanding, fun and meaningful.

I see myself as a bridge builder between scientific theory and practice, as a curious and proactive explorer, and as an uncomplicated and helpful social animal. Moreover, as a representative of Generation Y, I am network-oriented, flexible and demanding.

+41 43 268 11 32

Work experience

Martina Gamp has solid experience in management diagnostics on all levels of management, in coaching as well as in personality, team and management development. She worked as a lecturer in the field of questionnaire design, personality and intelligence diagnostics, medical communication, health communication, stress management and resilience, and has many years of experience in leading project in interdisciplinary, academic and clinical research.


  • Doctorate in health-related risk communication, Dr. rer. nat.
  • Graduate studies in Psychology, Dipl.-Psych. (Master’s equivalent)
  • Insights Discovery ® Licensed Practitioner (Personality and Team Development)
  • Coaching training programme I-III (Institut für Systemische Impulse, Zurich)


German, English

Main Focus:

  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • Coaching
  • Training and Management Development
  • Head of Research and Innovation