Uncovering and promoting potential in the team?

Whether training, team or organisational development – choose
the right format with us. We accompany groups and teams in their
development in a targeted and practical way.

mpw training programme

Practical training programme for new managers:

Dealing with your newly assumed role as a manager and the associated challenges is central to your effectiveness and success as a team or department leader. In this one-day compact training programme, you will therefore receive input on leadership skills as well as practice-oriented tips, methods and tools. You will reflect on your leadership style and your ability to exert influence and expand your repertoire of possible courses of action. We pay particular attention to practising difficult conversations. This will give you confidence and aplomb when addressing sensitive topics, criticising or dealing with conflicts. You will also benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of the trainers and participants when dealing with your specific management issues. Finally, you will be able to expand your network by exchanging ideas with colleagues from other companies during the training day and beyond.

Further information, dates and the registration form for the one-day compact training programme for new managers which is held in German can be found here.

In-house leadership training

Further in-house training

A company depends on the skills, emotions and motivation of its employees. Dealing constructively with tensions in the team, communicating appropriately and developing self-management skills are key success factors in the working world of today. Employees and entire teams are increasingly required to take the initiative and organise themselves flexibly as part of a meaningful whole.

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Team and Organisational Development

What other topics are on your mind? Please get in touch. We will provide you with development plans custom-made for your needs.

The professional Development Centre helped me recognise my blind spots and encouraged me in my strengths. What I especially liked in the Development Centre were the realistic discussion simulations. To sum up: professional, experienced and goal-oriented.

Daniel Leuenberger
Head Platform Solutions
Migros IT Services

I felt fully understood in my situation as a working mother. It was super that not only my professional interests but also my entire life situation were dealt with. The counselling helped me organise my thoughts and set priorities in my career structure. That is why I can recommend mpw’s counselling.

Private Career Counselling

When collaborating with mpw I particularly appreciate that the consultants support and coach you in various different topics with their very broad specialised knowledge. Fresh and innovative input keeps being introduced and, above all, ideas for sustainable implementation are developed as well.

Anja Hauser
Human Resources Director
SV Hotel AG

Even the messages between the lines are picked up and addressed in a good, encouraging and appreciative manner and brought up for discussion. The feedback remarks about the results are brief and get incisively to the point. Collaboration with mpw was very appreciative. Clients and their concerns are the central focus, the working method was very professional and well-structured.”

Angela Gustin
Director of Care & MTT (Medical Physical Training Therapy)
Member of the Hospital Administration and Board of Management
Flury Foundation

Basing themselves on SV’s corporate culture and in accordance with our specific wishes, mpw is working out a custom-made plan and ensuring its sustainable implementation in everyday operations. We find the personal support entirely custom-made – mpw does not carry out any ready-made consulting but always chooses an individual approach.

Daniel Meier
Chief Human Resources Officer
SV Group

mpw works in a needs-based and trail-blazing way, even when dealing with great complexity. This kind of well-prepared and well-accompanied development process and the many suitable suggestions are fun, and for our specialised department they provide relief at the prospect of future challenges. Moreover, mpw masters the art of reconciling the widest variety of personalities.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Vosseler
Deputy Rector, Chair of Health Department
St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences

The cantonal administration of the Ticino has been using the services of mpw in the areas of Leadership, Teambuilding and Management Development Training for several years now. The fact that this collaboration has lasted for such a long time is already a sign of our satisfaction. I particularly appreciate their ability to listen and to apply their broad theoretical knowledge to the specifics of our public administration, their flexibility and dependability, their ability to adapt to the different target groups and hierarchical levels (from employee to division director) and finally – perhaps summing up all aspects – their natural inclination to think in terms of practical and feasible solutions. This applies to not only the analytical and conceptual phase but also the workshops. The most credible proof for this is the always very positive feedback from the participants.

Mauro Chierici
Director Office of Management Development
Canton Ticino Administration

The mpw trainers entered specifically into our needs. The self-evaluations with individualised feedback made effective personal development possible for me. Seminar content was transmitted in an optimal combination of theoretical input and practical exercises or reflections. The outdoor exercise on the theme of ‘Management of Managers’ made incredibly many learning experiences possible.

Andreas Rüsch
Director Departments & Services
Strickhof, Canton Zurich

I found collaboration with mpw very uncomplicated and efficient. Their quick grasp of the situation helped start the process promptly and with the right method. Their experience and practice with not entirely simple conditions were certainly evident.

Andrea Rohner
Director of Personnel
Flury Foundation

I especially appreciate collaboration with mpw because they are very competent in their field and are able to be attentive with sensitive discernment to the course participants.

Manuela Bittel
Education Department
GST (Society of Swiss Veterinarians)

Thanks to the professional support from mpw we were able to identify and clear up difficulties in the team within two half-days. The trainer empathically drew out all the team members, let them have their say, and made it possible for us to let bygones be bygones and look ahead together as a team.

Angela Marfurt
President Child and Adult Protection Office
City of Lucerne

In a difficult situation in one department, mpw gave us decisive support with a conflict analysis and workshops based on it. I extremely appreciated the collaboration with mpw. I felt accompanied professionally and very prudently by the mpw consultants in the process. They were able to be responsive to the different needs and to launch effective solutions.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Peter
Administrative Director
Zurich University of Teacher Education