Our Community Engagement

mpw Foundation

The mpw Foundation was established by our partners in 2001. It supports projects and research in Applied Psychology.

The Board consists of:

Daniela Lanini (President)
Patrick Vonwil
Dr Werner Murer

The Foundation Board welcomes proposals for projects worthy of support. Please contact us.

mpw Award

With the mpw Foundation we wish to foster the next academic generation in the field of Applied Psychology and to honour strong engagement. Our aim is:

  • to reward outstanding work at the Bachelor’s degree level.
  • to make a business internship with challenging content possible for Master’s students.
  • to cultivate the network that links teaching, research and practice in the field of Applied Psychology.

To this end, in cooperation with the Department of Applied Psychology at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the mpw Foundation grants the mpw Award. It consists of:

  • a money prize of 1,000 CHF for the best Bachelor’s thesis of each academic year.
  • the opportunity for the award winner to complete the compulsory internship of his/her subsequent Master’s programme at mpw.

Once the competition has been publicly posted and students apply for the award, the Department of Applied Psychology submits the best Bachelor’s theses in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and related fields of specialisation to the mpw Foundation. The Board of the mpw Foundation then evaluates the theses according to scientific quality, creativity of the question formulation, and relevance for the work at mpw relating to Industrial Psychology and Diagnostics.

mpw Award 2019

The mpw Award for 2019 was presented during the BSc graduation ceremonies at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences to Ms Kim Ernst and Ms Karina Schmid. Their thesis with the title “Personality Typology of Aspiring Police Officers” stands out for its topical relevance for the population and its relatedness to the field of work of mpw Beratungsteam AG. Additionally convincing are the creativity of its questions, the cogent theoretical incorporation of its main thesis, and the comprehensible structure of the whole. The good methodological criticism forming part of the discussion of the results indicates self-reflection and rounds off the positive overall impression made by the work. Congratulations!

Past Projects

  • Support for a psychologist’s dissertation on constructive conflict management.
  • Contribution to the Forel Clinic’s film project “Alcohol at work: a costly taboo.” Its aim is the prevention and treatment of alcoholism.
  • Grant for a dissertation about “Positive coping with divorce in childhood and youth.”
  • Investment contribution to the exhibition “Pictorial worlds in psychiatry” at the Psychiatry Museum, Bern.
  • Contribution to a project on needs-based sports for patients in social psychiatry (volleyball training), Association for Social Psychiatry, Zürcher Oberland region.
  • Investment contribution to a book by the sports psychologist Eveline Dirren, “Go for Gold.” Easy to understand, it explains a promising coaching model for success in competitive sports.
  • Project on the development of a new personality test by the Institute for Social and Business Psychology of the University of Zurich.

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