Outplacement – we provide orientation

We assist you with reorientation after a termination so that you can master the transition with success. Outplacement consulting is intended for persons seeking employment when they wish to reorient themselves because of an upcoming or past termination.

We support the affected persons with a structured and yet flexible procedure covering all topics relevant for the job search process – on both professional and personal levels.

Outplacement consulting concentrates on the steps that cannot be managed alone, and is intended as help in self-help. The main emphasis is on getting the person concerned to tackle the job-hunting process in a professional way and to operate skilfully in the job market.

The procedure is usually subdivided into three phases. Each can be weighted differently, depending on the needs of the job-seeker:

  • Orientation: Assessment of potential in order to analyse core competencies, aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses in the personality profile; followed by determination of a new direction.
  • Marketing: Preparation of an application strategy and application documents, activation of the network and other job search channels.
  • Implementation: Job interview rehearsals as well as support in decision-making and contract negotiations.

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