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Individual Assessment

An individual assessment is the most effective tool for an efficient and reliable evaluation of potential, be it for the evaluation of career status and potential or the selection of staff to assume specialist or executive responsibilities.

Our individual assessment provides an important basis on which to judge the assessed person’s potential as objectively and reliably as possible.

  • The individual assessment is the ideal tool for an outside evaluation of candidates and a sound basis for successful personnel decisions.
  • The combination of interviews, discussion simulations, presentations, case studies, problem-solving and personality-related tests in accord with prevailing standards ensures an objective and nuanced evaluation.
  • The assessment report delivers findings regarding the competencies requiring evaluation, outlines strengths and weaknesses, and includes concrete learning goals as well as plannable supportive measures.
  • Our individual assessments meet the quality standards of the Swiss Assessment and the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS (recertification approved in 2019).



Our development assessments offer the opportunity to combine a meaningful analysis of potential with direct development impulses. As an assessment for personal and professional development, they serve as a valuable basis for effective personnel development for new hires, junior staff and managers. The focus is on detailed feedback sequences and intensive reflection on self-image and external image. Furthermore, a development assessment can be a starting point for customised coaching and professional reorientation.


When two people perform a joint leadership function and share responsibility, this brings many advantages, but also harbours risks. An assessment with both co-leaders provides information about their compatibility and delivers a well-founded evaluation of the probability of success of the two co-leaders in the target function. We focus on identifying the key personality factors for successful co-leadership. Using specific procedures, we examine the compatibility of the values and goals of both co-leaders as well as their ability to work together effectively and in a spirit of trust. We also map the leadership styles, complementary competences and adaptability.

Agile Assessment

Anchoring agile approaches means more than just establishing Scrum as a method. In the transformation to an agile culture, our potential assessment provides a reliable basis for promoting the required individual agile skills. In the process, we focus on capturing the agile mindset as well as the relevant personality factors in dealing with the challenges of the VUCA world. We use specific procedures to check role flexibility in the cooperation and to clarify agile as well as classic leadership competences (ambidextrous approach).


With the remote assessment, we can investigate a candidate’s skills and behaviour with reference to a targeted position (management and project leadership positions) in an uncomplicated and efficient way from anywhere in the world.

Like the classic individual assessment, the remote assessment is structured in modular form and can thus be optimally adapted to the needs of our clients. It consists of an online preparation, a location-independent part carried out via Skype, a written report, and an oral feedback discussion.

  • As participants submit written preparatory documents and answer questions online, they are ensured maximum flexibility.
  • The core of the assessment is the location-independent part with behaviour-oriented exercises via Skype.
  • The combination of these procedures enables a nuanced evaluation of the candidates.
  • As a SQS/Swiss Assessment-certified assessment service provider, mpw guarantees the highest quality standards also in the remote assessment.

Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre (AC) provides a custom-made tool for selection and staff development. Several representatives from company management take part as observers and assessors. In an AC, a group of candidates is evaluated in relation to clearly defined job requirements. Experienced mpw consultants serve as moderators.

  • Together with trained observers from the company, mpw moderators conduct practice-oriented group and discussion exercises, case studies and presentations.
  • Candidates complete tasks in the form of problem-solving and personality-related tests on their own in between.
  • The results allow well-founded evaluations of potential, particularly regarding social skills and leadership competencies as well as performance.
  • The written report and the subsequent feedback discussions form an excellent basis for further development of the participants’ competencies. The results can serve either personnel selection or as a basis for individual development.
  • For the assessed persons, participating in an AC provides valuable information about career situation and potential. For the observers, moreover, it provides an opportunity to thoroughly examine their own observation, management and feedback styles.

We provide:

  • Planning, organisation, execution and follow-up of custom-made assessment centres or development centres
  • Practice-relevant training for the observers, with a focus on how to perceive behaviour and give precise feedback about it

We greatly appreciate the option to be included in the assessment process as observers. The participants are given transparent feedback as between equals and are assessed soundly, openly and honestly. In our opinion this is a major distinguishing feature of mpw’s services and service culture.

Rolf Häner
Technical College BBB

mpw communicates in a way that gets to the heart of the matter. Their custom-made assessments are for us an essential component in the selection of specialists and managers. Their professionalism and appreciative dealings are the confidence base for our many years of working with them and our unconditional recommendation.

Anita R. Salt
Managing Director
Salt Consulting AG

The people at mpw inspire enthusiasm from the initial contact to the high-quality final report with their openness to specific client wishes and their swift and uncomplicated but always professional handling of matters. My tip: You should definitely accept an invitation from mpw to attend the discussion simulations and case studies of an AC or DC as an observer. The impressions and insights discussed on the spot with mpw are not least very valuable for the further development of the assessment participants.

Simon Räbsamen
Head of Realisation
Allreal Group

The results and evaluations of my assessment were absolutely realistic and I was able to recognise myself very easily in the assessment report. In my opinion, the pleasant, appreciative dealings and the on-the-spot feedback contributed a lot to making me able to tackle and solve the assessment’s wide variety of problems and situations without stress.

Dr. med. Silke Schmitt Oggier
Medical Director santé24, Member of the Board of Directors
SWICA (Swiss Healthcare Organization)

mpw is a valuable partner for us as a SME. I appreciate the professionalism, the relevance to practice as well as the close relation to the economy. The kind treatment by the consultants and the tips and tools for how to deal successfully with areas for development are valuable and make working together with mpw pleasant also for our candidates, who subject themselves to genuine high-stress situations. Furthermore, we appreciate mpw’s flexibility and quick responses to inquiries.

Claudia Steinmann
Director Human Resources, Member of the Management Board

I am very impressed by the mpw consultants’ approach and way of working. As an assessment candidate I felt at ease right from the start. That helped me to shed my nervousness and be authentic. The feedback at the end of the assessment was therefore relatable and very valuable for my further personal development.

Dominik Dumancic
Test Engineer
ABB Switzerland Ltd (Power Grids/PGHV-X)

I very much appreciate the long-term and very professional collaboration with mpw. mpw provides us as a company and also the candidates with very high-quality assessments and nuanced reports that give us a very good basis for staff development.

Bruno Hauser
Director Personnel Development/Area Personnel Director ZPE
Electric Utility of Canton Zurich

The interaction with mpw was very good. They responded to our questions and requests promptly and professionally. Throughout the entire assessment process we felt we were being informed honestly and transparently about all relevant points and developments. This supported a clear and very well-founded personnel decision.

Reto Tarreghetta
Managing Director
Lucerne Pension Fund

I appreciate the professionalism and discretion of mpw very much. The results of the assessments always provide an in-depth basis for decision-making that helps us considerably in evaluating candidates. Equally goal-directed and noticeably effective is the coaching. I am happy to recommend mpw to others.

Simeon Zimmermann
Managing Director (CEO)
adeon ag

About mpw I value the very good accompaniment, the individual accommodation of specific wishes in the assessment setting, as well as the quick responses and punctual delivery of the reports. The expertise of mpw demonstrates a high degree of understanding for business, along with informative and incisive output with which not only the AC participants but also the clients can identify well. Also worth mentioning are the high level of competence of the consultants and the flexibility of the collaborations.”

Ron Schneider
Retail Director
PostFinance AG

During a personal assessment I was able to experience mpw’s 25-year-long competence myself. My assessment was conducted confidentially, very professionally and extremely seriously. The high quality, the relaxed atmosphere and the authentic evaluation with valuable feedback will help me advance professionally and privately. Thank you very much!

Malte Frohberg
Senior Product Manager