Verena Dyczmons

Managing Partner

It makes me especially happy when I notice that we provide added value for our clients and that assessment participants benefit and can advance their personal development. I very much like to make something happen, I prefer to work in a fostering and yet demanding team, and I like conceptual work.

As a consultant, I try to be fully present every minute of the time. It is especially important to me to quickly create a basis of trust as well as a pleasant connection, while maintaining an objective, critical view that allows for the necessary professionalism at the same time.

I am a very open person who connects with others in an uncomplicated and agreeable manner, and I get along well with most people. I have a solution-oriented basic attitude, with which I try to get to the point about things and deal with questions in a structured way.
+41 43 268 11 27

Work experience

Verena Dyczmons has many years of experience in management diagnostics on all levels of management as well as experience in career counselling, coaching, management training and organisational consulting. In addition to her work as Managing Partner at mpw, she has extensive professional experience in project management as a landscape architect, in office management and in recruitment.


  • BSc in Applied Psychology
  • Dipl. Ing. (= Master of Engineering) in Landscape Architecture
  • MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) in Career Counselling
  • Training in solution-oriented coaching
  • Systemic organisational consulting (Institut für Systemische Impulse, Zurich)


German, English

Main Focus:

  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • Coaching, Carreer counselling
  • Training and Management Development
  • Product manager for individual counselling
  • Head of marketing and internal recruitment