Schajan Ouliaei

Business Support Staff

My focus is particularly on working with and on language. It is fun for me to work every day with the subtleties, peculiarities and mysteries of the German language, to deal thoroughly with the impressions and consequences of individual words, and to do so while constantly learning something new and adding to my specialised knowledge.

I value a constructive and positive work climate. Complementing the seriousness with a few jokes and chitchat now and then is also welcome. In everyday work I like the quiet moments of in-depth thinking and independent implementation.

What my colleagues appreciate about me is above all my efficiency.
+41 43 268 11 11

Work experience

Schajan Ouliaei has many years of professional experience as a teacher of German as a second language. On top of that, he draws inspiration from his work in copy editing/proof-reading academic seminar, semester and graduate papers and theses, from collaborating on a linguistic study and from his own academic research.


  • PhD in Forensic Linguistics (in progress)
  • Studies in German and English Linguistics and Literature, University of Zurich
  • SVEB Certificate (Swiss Association for Adult Education)


German, English, French

Main Focus:

  • Copy editing
  • Project work
  • IT infrastructure
  • Assessment coordination
  • Care and support service for clients and candidates