Nils Wolfensberger


In my daily work, I find constant inspiration through interactions with diverse individuals. Additionally, I derive particular joy from being able to apply my expertise and extensive knowledge into assessment diagnostics. These interactions not only enrich my professional experience but also enable me to comprehend various perspectives, thereby fostering the development of innovative solutions. I value the opportunity to analyse complex issues and employ my systemic approach to devise holistic solutions.

It is important to me to contribute to the development of individuals and organizations while simultaneously promoting economic viability. Shaped by my long-term involvement in Management-Support and my experience in finance, I aim to assist people in unlocking their full potential and aid organizations in navigating successfully through periods of change.

My working style is characterized by my central principles of quality, meaningfulness, and authenticity. In a progressively complex and a rapidly evolving world, the focus is no longer just on "what can", but increasingly on "what should". In my opinion, the question of fit is therefore of crucial importance, both in the selection of employees and employers and forms an essential part of my daily work. Answering the "why" as a central, overarching, and inspiring motive helps to develop long-term visions, ensure profitability and offers individual value.
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Work experience

Nils Wolfensberger has 20 years of professional experience, primarily in banking but also within social institutions, focusing on areas such as corporate development, management support, project management, leadership and customer relations. He excels in his ability to identify optimisation potentials, initiate projects and implement them in a targeted manner in collaboration with various stakeholders.


  • Bsc. in Applied Psychology ZHAW, Psychological Institute
  • Business Economist HF, MBSZ Zurich


German, English

Main Focus:

  • Assessment and Development Center