Leo Pfiffner

Senior Consultant

What fascinates me is the encounter with an infinite variety of value systems and philosophies that enrich me anew every day in my work, advance my development and give me new inspiration.

"The right person in the right place!" Based on this motto, it is my aim to bring people to places where they can develop their full potential. Finding that place is what I consider the important contribution of my work. If something in a company is stuck, it is almost always due to personal obstacles, only rarely to technical ones. That is why slight differences sometimes have major repercussions.

Work engagement and making an effort for a "good cause" are very close to my heart and reflect my interest. In my work I therefore set great store by quality and flexibility.

+41 43 268 11 11

Work experience

Leo Pfiffner has 20 years of experience as head of personnel in various companies, mainly in industry. On top of that, he draws his expertise from more than 10 years as a personnel and organisational developer.


  • Master of Arts in Organizational Design and Effectiveness, USA
  • Swiss Federal Company Trainer diploma, IAP Zurich
  • Primary school teacher


German, French, Italian, English

Main Focus:

  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • Organisational Development