François Chavan

Senior Consultant

What I am passionate about in my work is meeting people from different backgrounds in a variety of professional contexts. Another aspect is being able to respond to my clients’ needs by providing them with added value thanks to my experience and my professional knowledge. Noticing that my work engagement has enabled them to increase their potential, to solve problems or to come up with new perspectives gives me great pleasure.

I regard each partner or person I deal with as unique and I build a relationship of trust. I attach importance to respecting the particularities of the different stakeholders in a project, taking their individual expectations into consideration while reaching the overall goals. Operating in a way that is adapted to the desired objectives, while relying on techniques and tools I have mastered, is another fundamental aspect of my work.

I identify with the people and situations while maintaining my professional detachment and taking the context and particular needs into account. I reckon that I have a pragmatic orientation so as to help draw up concrete solutions to the problems that were set. I tell it like it is, while making sure the form is appropriate and the comprehension of the information is optimal.
+41 43 268 11 11

Work experience

François Chavan has many years of expertise in assessing the potential of specialists and managers and in the conception and execution of individual and group assessments. Moreover, he relies on his wealth of experience in Team Development, Change Management, Communication and Coaching. His management experience and responsibilities as a project leader in the areas of Assessment Centre, Management Development, Talent Management and Management Training in a large Swiss bank round out his professional profile.


  • Psychology studies at University of Geneva
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Resources
  • Various training courses in test psychology and personal development



Main Focus:

  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • Coaching
  • Outplacement