“We help people and organisations to recognise
their potential, develop it,
and shape a successful future.“

mpw was founded with the aim of linking up scientific aptitude diagnostics to clients’ concrete needs. With the idea of combining sound specialised management diagnostics with client intimacy, the founders realised they had identified a central need. And so mpw came to grow from a start-up to a precedent-setting lodestar on the firmament of the assessment market.

  • In the recruitment process we provide professional counsel and thus ease the burden on your resources.
  • In assessment we enable you to get an independent outside opinion that allows you to discover hitherto unrecognised potential.
  • In coaching we support the personal development of our coachees and make them fit to seize future opportunities.
  • In management development we nurture the growth of relevant competencies and personal effectiveness.
  • In organisational development we accompany organisations on the way to the future. We understand the demands of the new, complex world of work and help you implement flexible, competent solutions.
  • In team development we create clarity about resources and team roles, address topics openly, and promote a positive team spirit as the basis for sustainably successful collaborative work.
  • In outplacement and career counselling we shed light on strengths and motivators, figure out new possibilities, and point out options for action.

We are sparring partners

We are at your service with an independent outside opinion as competent and experienced discussion partners and we challenge you in constructive ways – be it on the personal, professionally specialised or organisational level.

We orient ourselves on your concrete needs and inspire trust for an appreciative exchange of ideas between equals. We look behind the façade, throw light on blind spots, and offer you a competent third opinion. Our substantial feedback assists you in making sustainable behavioural changes and in complex decision-making processes.

We make it possible

You wish to lead your staff confidently and competently into the future? You need clarity and orientation in leadership? You wish to strengthen teams in collaborative work and discover opportunities for development?

We make you aware of new opportunities and together we find workable solutions. Find out what your strengths and motivators are and where you can make especially good use of them. Stay successful in business and well-adjusted in your personal life. 

We show you the way

With realistic and practice-oriented aids to decision-making, we lead you sustainably to your goal. We ask the right questions and accompany you with partnership-minded consulting to success. Taking trends and employability into account, we reinforce your competencies for the future. This enables you to work effectively and increases satisfaction and enjoyment in your day-to-day professional life.

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