gut oder inspirierend?
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft suchen oder finden?
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft verwalten oder führen?
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft fordern oder fördern
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft zögern oder wagen?
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft fordern oder fördern?
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft ausführen oder auslösen?
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft verwalten oder führen?
mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft vermuten oder vertrauen?

mpw – Mensch, Psychologie, Wirtschaft

You wish to give your staff new impetus for development?

You wish to have more than an independent third opinion when filling key positions?

Your team needs momentum for future challenges?

You are looking for a sparring partner for management topics?

You are looking for support in the selection of specialists or managers?

For many companies, mastering the balancing act between people and business is a major challenge. In order to do so successfully, creating a constructive, appreciative and motivating work environment is just as important as achieving business goals. This calls for solution-oriented consulting that takes both factors into account. With our work, we bring people and business together. We apply established methods of Applied Psychology and rely on our sound competencies as well as longstanding consulting and management experience.  

Bringing People and Business Together

We at mpw are on hand for you as sparring partners – from staff recruitment, through selection and development, to outplacement. Together with you, we recognise potential and successfully shape the future of your company and staff. In our work with you we are proactive, communicative, implementation-oriented and authentic. We thus generate genuine added value for you.

Fields of Activity

"We support people and organisations in the context of their working environment
to know and develop their potential and to successfully shape their future."


I have been working with mpw regularly and happily for years. I especially appreciate the extremely professional consulting that is individually custom-made for our needs. It is important to me to have a partner at my side in the central domain of recruitment and staff development whom I can fully trust at all times. With mpw there is such a relationship of trust.

Felicia Koelliker
Director Risk, Legal & Compliance, Member of Board of Management, CRO
PostFinance AG

Assessment, coaching, consulting – one-stop service. Very competent, goal-oriented, professional and extremely client-friendly. Over the years, as both an employer and a job candidate, I was able to experience mpw’s services and I am enthusiastic about their high quality all along the line. mpw has helped me on personally in a decisive way and for that I am extremely grateful to them. I’d gladly do it again any time!

Daniel Stein
Head of Special Unit
Stadtpolizei Zürich

I greatly appreciate collaboration with mpw because the client is the central focus and quality is writ large. This shows up in everything from the efficient and uncomplicated organisational support to the professional consulting as between equals.

Desirée Karlen
Project Leader Personnel Development
Migros Cooperative Association

mpw demonstrates high-level professionalism in their services. Their response time and accessibility are very satisfactory. I also appreciate their flexibility in using suitable coaches. At mpw I find a broad mix of methods and custom-made support with respect to individual questions. mpw’s coaching is described by the coachees as helpful, realistic and of great benefit for concrete managerial work.

Armin Dittli
Director of Human Resources
ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)